Custom Lanyard – The Definition of Versatility

You can see lanyards everywhere. They are constantly used by students, office workers, practicing professionals, businesspersons, and even political figures. Lanyards are such indispensable tools that you can see in an everyday setting. When entering a fastfood chain, you see waiters and waitresses wearing them. When going to the club, you’ll notice bouncers wearing them. In hospitals, nurses and doctors wear them. At schools, staff, coaches and teachers are required to wear IDs so they definitely need to wear a lanyard. You may even be wearing it on a regular basis. Aside from being used to carry whistles, phones and IDs, for what else are lanyards being used?

Uses of Custom Lanyards

custom lanyardsThere are many kinds of lanyards. Schools, medical institutions, businesses and events are associated with the use of custom lanyards that bear a logo or name. There are many companies that offer a wide range of customized lanyards to suit their clients’ needs. Here are the different uses today for custom lanyards:

1. Carrying Different Objects

Obviously, the main use of lanyards today is to free the hands from carrying certain objects. They have different kind of attachments on the other end that make them suitable for carrying objects with varying weight. If you go to different trade shows, charity events, exhibits, and bazaars, you can see a lot of busy ushers and event organizers wearing them not just to secure objects but also to show their participation and role in an event. This helps guests and participants identify the right person to ask help from, when necessary.

You can not only attach IDs, pass numbers, whistles but also smartphones, cameras, eyeglasses, USB flash drives, and even hats. Traffic enforcers attach their handheld transceivers to lanyards so they can use their hands to signal the flow of traffic. USB flash drives are notorious for getting misplaced or stolen. Attaching a USB flash drive to a lanyard will lessen its chances of getting lost because the cord will make the USB flash drive easier to see. Since they are customizable, you can get cords in different colors, prints, widths and textures.

2. Brand promotion

If you are part of a company and you have access to custom lanyards, why not customize them to promote your company’s brand? Aside from the logo and the company name, you can use your company’s theme colors. Most companies that customize lanyards have a predefined set of colors. If you cannot find your preferred color, you can have the company customize it for you for an additional cost. If you prefer to use lanyards to further promote your company, you can have the company website and contact numbers printed on the cord. Lanyards are a means to subtly advertise your company or institution by increasing its name’s visibility.

3. Distinction or Identity

The reason why there are custom lanyards is to make them as personal or as relevant to the clients. Aside from the aforementioned brand promotion, companies have lanyards customized for their employees and personnel to increase their sense of belongingness or oneness with the company. This is not only done in businesses but also in schools and government institutions. When ordered in bulk (hundreds or thousands), lanyards are cheaper per piece – that is why schools and corporations can afford to give them to students and employees.

4. Self-expression

For casual use, you can have lanyards customized according to your own style. There are cords available with casual prints such as flowers. If you want it to be discreet, you can choose a thin cord or a silicon cord. There are also readymade lanyards that are made from woven beads, pearls and crystals.

All in all, lanyards can indeed be used in various ways and also, it isn’t difficult to come up with new uses for such versatile accessories.

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Flat Polyester lanyards are our most popular lanyard style that offer. This style offers the best balance between price and performance of any lanyards.

Tips on Purchasing Callaway Golf Clubs

One of the trusted brands when it comes to golf clubs and accessories is Callaway. Callaway golf clubs are considered among the best field-tested clubs that are used by PGA Tour golfers. The drivers that they provide use advanced technology that can help a golfer depending on his needs. Callaway’s drivers are designed to be forgiving to have straighter shots, while some speed the ball across the clubface for better distance. Here are tips on buying Callaway golf clubs:

Determine Your Golfing Requirements and Budget

Callaway clubs are not cheap, so you need to know what level of golfer you are before purchasing a club. You might purchase too-advanced clubs for your skill level, and this will not help you with your game.

Determine the Type of Clubs You Need

Callaway GolfCallaway manufactures complete sets, clubs for left handed players, and clubs for kids and drivers.

Check Out Lists of Company and Performance Center Locations

Visit the Callaway website and browse over the Custom Fitting option and then click on the Performance Centers to see the list of center locations. Experts will evaluate your skills with the use of computers and motorized clubs, which will help to determine what type of club you need.

Visit Callaway Golf Clubs Stores Near You

To locate a store near you, visit the Callaway website and click on the retail locater and provide your zip code. The retail stores have fitting centers and experts that will assist you in finding the right clubs that will suit your size, height, and skill level.

Purchase Online

The best deals for Callaway clubs can be found online. After determining what clubs will fit you from the fitting center, you can search for them online and choose the one that will offer the clubs at the best price possible. Make sure that you are buying them from a reliable and trusted store. It is best if you read customer feedback before making a purchase.

How to Spot Fake Callaway Clubs

Because of the popularity of Callaway clubs, there are lots of people who take advantage of this in order to earn. According to Golf Digest, the golf counterfeit industry is worth around six billion dollars per year, which makes this a serious problem worldwide. You should protect yourself from counterfeit golf clubs by making sure that the Callaway golf clubs you purchase are authentic. Here are tips on how to determine fake Callaway Clubs:

Check the Serial Numbers

Check the hosel of the golf club. This is the part where shaft and clubhead are connected. Authentic Callaway clubs have their serial numbers stamped on the hosel with uniform digits. Fake Callaway clubs don’t have serial numbers or may have serial numbers that are crooked. If you want to make sure that you are buying an authentic club, you can check the serial number by calling Callaway.

Compare the Callaway Logo, Name and Other Important Markings

Fake clubs duplicate logos closely enough to fool an intelligent buyer. If the logo or name on the clubs look different from the authentic Callaway club, most likely the clubs are fake.

Use Magnet

Callaway clubs are made of titanium. To determine if the material used is indeed titanium you can use a magnet. Fake clubs use generic metals instead of titanium. A magnet will not adhere to titanium, but it will stick to other types of metals.

Compare the Price

Callaway’s club is not cheap. If the price is very low, even if the clubs are new, there is a possibility that they are counterfeit. Make sure that you have an idea how much the club costs before buying.

It is best that you purchase the item only from licensed Callaway retailers. You can check them on the company’s website. If you are buying used Callaway golf clubs online, be skeptical about their authenticity.

Tips in Choosing a Garden City New York Real Estate Agent

When buying or selling a property in Garden City, it is important that you know some tips in choosing a Garden City New York real estate agent. Although there are several factors that would contribute to the success of your hunt for buyers or sellers depending on your needs, the search would be easier with the right real estate agent. Some tips that would help you get the right agent are the following:

  • li realestatefinderContact previous clients. One way to find out if a real estate agent is effective is by talking with his previous clients. Ask for contact information of the agent’s clients for the last six months. Before calling the previous clients, be ready with your questions such as how much they paid for the real estate agent and if it was worth it (i.e. if they were satisfied with the job). You might also want to know how long their properties stayed in the market before the agent sold them and if the agent was professional in dealing with them.

  • Check for licenses. Before you seal a deal with a Garden City New York real estate agent, make time to look him up on your state’s board. Although at a glance this could be time-consuming, this could also be very beneficial to you since the state’s board posts information about real estate agents, their licenses, and disciplinary action filed against them, if any. This will give you an idea if the agent you are looking at is licensed and competent.

  • Check for credentials. Real estate agents have their own specializations. To ensure that you are talking with the right agent, be specific as to what you are looking for. There are certified residential specialists, senior’s real estate specialists, and accredited buyer’s representatives. Research on the type of agent that is suitable to your needs.

  • Find out how long the real estate agent has been in the industry. Preferably, get a Garden City New York real estate agent who has been in the industry for at least five years. A solid experience guarantees greater likelihood of satisfactory results. You can get the information straight from the real estate agent or you can consult the state licensing authority in your area. This information will tell you if the real estate agent has a specialty and the price range expected based on his expertise.

  • Check out the current listings. By looking at the current listings, you will find out the types of homes that are the forte of the real estate agent. If the agent is good at selling the type of property you have, then you can be in good hands. The agent’s expertise should be one of your bases in hiring him. You can check out current listings from online sources and your local newspaper.

Buying or selling a house is a major decision that includes finances which is why it should be given ample attention. Overlooking some small details could result in financial loss or a bad property that you would endure while you are living in it. Choose a real estate agent carefully to get the right property suitable to your needs. If you are selling a house, getting an expert real estate agent would mean getting the most profit out of your property.

You need to know what type of properties and certain renovation methods can catch your clients’ fancy visit li realestatefinder.

Prohormones, A Life Changer

Way back in high school, Jayson was always a push-over due to his thin and frail physique. That was his life all through-out high school. But then a decade or so later, he has transformed from being frail and thin to someone with bulging muscles, six-pack abs and a lean yet strong killer body. His secret: perseverance, hard work and prohormones.

Jayson’s journey in achieving a to-die-for body was not a walk in the park. By strictly staying on a high-protein and carb diet, and doing high-intensity workouts, Jayson also took prohormone supplements. Prohormones gave him the bulk and the muscles while the training did the toning. Body builders like Jayson know what it was like, and so do some athletes that use prohormones.

Since the late 1990s, prohormone supplements have come a long way through various revisions to make for safer human consumption.

ProhormonesProhormone supplements were first introduced by an American chemist in 1996, where the very first version of prohormones are said to have the effects similar to the ones from using steroid which were then deemed unsafe and illegal. The effects that prohormones share with steroids include being more aggressive, masculine and strong which were characteristics derived from the male hormone, testosterone.

Because of these effects, its popularity took flight and new versions followed. Companies sprung up and introduced their own versions and in no time, the supplement world was peppered with the more aggressive and more dangerous products. The newer versions were said to give swifter muscle growth and increase in strength, however they also contain methyl that are said to be hepatoxic or damaging to the liver. These newer substances also cause high blood pressure. Because of these critical side effects, all kinds of prohormone supplements were completely banned by the US Congress in 2005. The sale of these was halted and no one was allowed to buy prohormones anymore.

However, that was not the last appearance of prohormones. In the market today, thanks to the continuing efforts and innovations of supplement companies, there are prohormone products again but this time, they are safer and thus legal to consume. Body builders, athletes and buff body fanatics (both male and female) can now buy prohormones from health stores or body-building specialty stores, online or in-store, as support to their body-building regimen.

Although prohormone supplements today are made much safer, it does not mean that they are completely free from harmful side effects. Some users, both long term and short term, have reported cases of an increase in blood pressure, hair loss, acne, low libido levels and gynecomastia (man boobs).

With these side effects, it is then advisable to take additional supplements to minimize and/or control the harm prohormones are contributing to the body especially for long time users. It is highly recommended to take liver support supplements as well as estrogen blockers.

Since the return of prohormone supplements to the market, their form has also evolved. They now come in different forms. The most widely bought prohormones are in capsule form. A bottle of 90 capsules is priced somewhere around £31.99. There are also soft gel capsules where each bottle contains 168 capsules and priced at around £149.99. Sprays are also available, priced at £32.99 for a bottle of 240 ml. Prohormones in liquid form is also an option where a bottle of 30 ml is £49.99.

For repeat users, it may be advisable to buy prohormones in bulk as they come cheaper. Some online stores give discounts at around 10 to 11% for purchases of four or more items. Some stores also offer special packages where it includes a prohormone supplement and other support groups. These are comparably priced cheaper than buying these supplements individually. So, shop around a bit before finally deciding on how and where to buy prohormones.

Now here is a gentle reminder as this article comes to a close. Regardless of what the goal of using prohormone supplement is, always keep in mind that no supplement in this world could magically transform anybody. It could only amplify the hard work brought about by training and exercise and a good, clean and strict diet.